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When to Get Your Car’s Alignment Checked

How do you know when your car needs an alignment? And how do you find a good mechanic who can accurately perform the alignment?
Many car owners are unsure of the answers to these questions, so let’s break down the basics. 
What is an Alignment? 
An alignment, or wheel alignment, is a service that ensures that all four wheels of your vehicle are positioned correctly relative to each other and the road. This helps keep your car in its optimal condition as it moves down the road, which is important for both safety reasons and improved performance. A proper wheel alignment helps ensure that your vehicle handles correctly and drives straight without any pulling or veering. It also helps optimize fuel economy and tire life.  
When Does My Car Need an Alignment? 
Your car's alignment should be checked at least once a year (or every 10,000 miles). However, if you hit a curb or pothole, experience a sudden change in handling, or notice uneven tire wear, then it's probably time for an alignment check right away. Pay attention to any unusual sounds coming from your tires or suspension system as well—this could indicate that something is out of whack with your vehicle's wheels.     
How Do I Find a Good Mechanic Who Can Perform an Alignment?  
Finding a qualified mechanic who knows how to properly align a vehicle can be tricky. Start by asking friends and family members for recommendations—if someone has had success with their local mechanic before then chances are they'll be able to provide you with great advice. You can also check online review sites such as Yelp or Angie's List to read feedback from other customers who have used specific mechanics in the past. Be sure to read reviews carefully so you can get an accurate sense of what sort of services each mechanic provides before settling on one.     
Knowing when to get your car’s alignment checked—and finding a qualified mechanic who can help—are both essential steps towards keeping your car running properly and safely on the road. So make sure you pay attention to any changes in handling or tire wear during regular use and have an alignment check done at least once per year (or every 10,000 miles). Doing this will ensure that your vehicle continues to run smoothly for years to come!
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