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Monthly Archives: August 2023

What Additives Can I Use in My Cooling System to Keep It Running Smoothly

Under the hood of your vehicle, a symphony of components works tirelessly to keep things running smoothly. One of the unsung heroes in this orchestra is the cooling system, ensuring that your engine remains in the Goldilocks zone of temperature. While we often focus on engine oil and fuel additives, the cooling system deserves its dose of care. Enter the world of cooling system additives – the elixirs that keep your engine from overheating and maintain its performance with a touch of alchemical magic. The Anti-Corrosion Alchemy Just as time leaves its mark on all things, your cooling system is not immune to the march of corrosion. Enter cooling system additives, the mystical elixirs that shield your components from the clutches of rust and corrosion. By creating a protective barrier, these additives prevent metal surfaces from deteriorating over time, preserving the integrity of your cooling system's crucial components. The Heat-Dispelling Enchantm ... read more

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