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What is a Soft Brake Pedal Telling You?

When driving, you will step on the brake and accelerator pedals hundreds of times. With enough time, you should be able to tell how strong the brake pedal is. If the pedal is soft, it could be a sign that there is an issue with the braking system. Brakes are essential to driving, so you should resolve the issue immediately. The following is what a soft brake pedal may be telling you:

Hydraulic Issues

The most prevalent cause of soft brake pedals is hydraulic problems, specifically air in the braking system. The braking system functions optimally because braking fluid is incompressible, meaning it transmits all the braking force to the four breaks. Contrarily, the air is compressible, so if there is air in the braking system, it will not transmit braking force to the brakes optimally. When you step on the brake pedal, it will be soft because you will have to compress the air before getting to the fluid.

You can promptly solve the problem by flushing the braking system. By removing the fluid, you will also remove the air. You should ensure the brake fluid lever in the master cylinder reservoir never passes the ‘Low' mark. If the pedal is still soft, it could be that air is getting into the braking system via the caliper piston or master cylinder seal.

Mechanical Problems

Brake mechanical problems are harder to diagnose because they are rarer. There are many mechanical parts in a braking system. Mechanical damage to those parts can lead to soft brake pedals.

Seized brake caliper sliders are one of the most common mechanical failures of the braking system. The calipers will not be able to correctly apply braking pressure which is why the pedal will feel soft. Fixing this is quite complex as it involves separating the parts of the braking system to ensure the pads and calipers can move freely. Significant damage to parts of the system will necessitate repair or replacement.

Braking is crucial when driving, and a soft pedal may lead to accidents. Bring your car to Davis Repair today for brake repair or replacement.


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