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Top 5 Vehicle Checks For A Hassle Free Road Trip

4th of July weekend is here! Warm weather, long weekend and the road are calling, but before you hit the road for an Independence Day weekend trip, make sure you take a few minutes to check these:


1. Oil

When the oil level drops too low (or just gets dirty), your engine is not lubricated properly and will wear quickly. If the oil is dark and old, be sure to change it before leaving. If you’ve changed it recently and the level is low, make sure to add the proper amount and check for leaks.

Tire Pressure

2. Tire Pressure

Driving with low tire pressure reduces your fuel efficiency and increases the likelihood of a blowout. Imagine dealing with a blowout on E-470 at 75 mph in traffic… no thank you! Check your owner’s manual and make your tires are at the recommended pressure.


3. Leaks

For road trips of any length, be sure your fluids aren’t leaking—with every mile important fluids could be draining out. These includes brake fluid, transmission fluid, oil, and more.


4. Headlights

The lenses that cover your headlights tend to get cloudy over time and decrease nighttime visibility. Clean the plastic lenses or replace them so you can see clearly on your trip.

Forgotten Fluids

5. Forgotten Fluids

Don’t forget coolant that prevents overheating; with the sun blazing down on us here our vehicles are just as prone to overheating at this altitude as we are. Ample washer fluid clears bugs and dirt that hit your windshield on the road. Make sure all your car’s fluids are at their recommended level before departing. While you’re at it… throw in a few extra waters for your passengers, whether they’re human or pets!

Happy-4th-of-July Once these items have been checked, give in to the call of the open road, worry free, this 4th of July weekend!


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