5 Stars for sure. Very knowledgeable Service Coordinator & Mechanics. Reasonable, professional, and fast too. Better than any Cadillac dealer/servicer center, this from someone that has owned 5 over a 30 year period. Thanks, Thor

5 Davis Repair 8/17/2017

Excellent service as always!

5 Davis Repair 8/17/2017

Davis was great. They arranged a Lift ride for me so I was not late. They also sent me a detailed diagnostic of my car. The electronic version makes it very easy for me to review and decide what I need to do to my car next.

5 Davis Repair 8/16/2017

Davis Repair always does a good job. They took the car in and gave us an complete, honest and accurate assessment of what was need. We appreciate their work.

5 Davis Repair 8/14/2017

As always, Davis Repair did a great job. They did an oil change, replaced our air filter, and got us on the road in less than half an hour. The staff is very friendly and professional. Excellent service!

5 Davis Repair 8/11/2017

It never ceases to amaze me how I feel well taken care of every time I bring one of my cars in for service. The job is always done promptly, professionally and I am a customer for life. Thanks to Larry, Hannah & Katie for the great car and customer service.

5 Davis Repair 8/11/2017

Great work as usual, Davis Repair! I appreciate your efficiency, reminders, quality work and recommendations regarding what my car needs now as well as down the road. Everyone is always personable and professional. Thank you!

4.5 Davis Repair 8/9/2017

Davis Repair is a great auto-care center. I am always satisfied with the service I get here, and the knowledgeable staff. The technicians are great and they do not push services that I do not need. My favorite experience was when my car's power steering went out AND the brake light came on AND the check engine light came on. I was expecting a bill for over $500 and Davis Repair's technician found that the wrong size serpentine belt had been installed. The cost was $189 to replace it and all of the problems were fixed, even the check engine light.

5 Davis Repair 8/8/2017

Thanks to Larry, Hannah and the team for another pleasant and easy experience. I know when I go to Davis that my car is in great hands and the customer service is second to none!

5 Davis Repair 8/6/2017

Davis Repair worked on my daughters car and determined the cost to repair would exceed the value of the car. They provided some excellent options and recommendations. We appreciated their honesty and integrity and we will definitely use their service when we get her next vehicle.

5 Davis Repair 8/5/2017