Had scheduled routine maintenance - oil change, tire rotation and 2 filter changes - and was out in just over 30 minutes. Also provided tire tread depth. Appreciate the professional, reasonably priced and honest service!

5 Davis Repair 4/21/2018

Absolute great service all the time period. As a loyal customer I would never take my car anywhere else.

5 Davis Repair 4/18/2018

Good, relatively fast and reasonably priced - plus they have a loaner car available if it's needed. Can't ask for more from that type of business.

5 Davis Repair 4/15/2018

We have used Davis Repair for over twenty years, and we have always been very satisfied with their work.

4.5 Davis Repair 4/15/2018

Exceptional, reliable service.....every single time! Client since 2015 & going strong!!

5 Davis Repair 4/13/2018

As always, great service!

5 Davis Repair 4/11/2018

Katie was very polite, knowledgeable, upfront, and they never push services on you, simply make suggestions and send you on your way. Wouldn't consider any other company.

5 Davis Repair 4/11/2018

Great service!

5 Davis Repair 4/8/2018

Great job sorting out my traction control and dealing with the warrantee. Very easy.

5 Davis Repair 4/4/2018

Always reliable Andy honest!

5 Davis Repair 4/3/2018